Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Duplicate, of course!

I have been searching for a while for a meme that is not being done and thought bridges would be good. Even the day and time of the week has taken a good amount of thought. Now that I have actually started, I found a bridge meme. A very good one too that has been around for quite a while with a solid following. :-( So, I do not think there is room for 2 and it just does not feel right. So, it is with a sad heart that I'll take this down. Oh well. I do have another idea, but I have to do *more* research. The other meme? Bridges Sunday:

Thanks for looking and for the posts!


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  1. Sigh. I just know you will think of something else! I was looking forward to this, and didn't realize there was another Bridges meme! I will have to go check it out!