Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Welcome to Bridges Weekly! This is a photo meme intended for you to share your images of your beloved bridges. Old bridges, new bridges, covered bridges, stone, steel or wood bridges. We want pictures of them all! The only rules are that you post a link to your personal blog where all images are the property of you and you link back to Bridges Weekly. Then leave comments! Leave comments here and leave comments of other meme visitors on their blogs. Thank you for playing along!


  1. What a beautiful covered bridge. I wish I lived closer to one, but I have visited a few along the coast. I can't wait to go find some bridges to take pictures of to link up with your new meme!

  2. We found an iron bridge across the Berg river near Misverstand dam. On a dirt road connecting wheat farmers. Totally unexpected, and rather lovely.

  3. While you are doing the rough edges - if you go back to ours, by rightclicking the blogger's names in your comments above - you get to our blogs. If I rightclick on 'Perry' in your comment - I get a dead end.

    You need to set your own comments so rightclicking brings us to this meme. Not everyone will do what I just did - and google "bridges weekly", make that blogs, and find you again, because I know that blog is somewhere ...